Old About Us

About Tasty Peach

Tasty Peach Studios, located in Mishawaka IN, is a sweet, unique boutique that sells cute merchandise inspired by Japan! We started out selling small hand made clay charms and commissioned artwork through our little Etsy shop in 2007 and officially became a company in 2010.

Since then we have grown exponentially! We now attend upwards of 80+ anime conventions a year & ship high quality metal & enamel items, specialty merch, professionally made products and more world wide every day!

We work day in and out to bring everyone the best we have to offer! What you can expect from us is quality and durability. As a leading distributor of cute products, we take pride in what we have to offer, and hope that you feel the same love we do for these cute items.

If you have any questions please see our Help page or the Contact Us page.

Meet the Artist

Ryan Zanfei
Lead Artist / Owner

Mishawaka, IN

Ryan has held a love for creating since she was a child. The mission and vision of her brand has always been to bring happiness & comfort to others. She's a driven self-taught artist with a passion for character creation and design. When she was 10 she had a dream, to be an artist the rest of her life & to bring smiles to the world.

In 2010 she started her journey to do just that. In the last 10 years she and her team have worked hard to build this brand into what is it today: A well known, officially licensed brand with the continued passion to make hard times a little softer for everyone.

♥ Watch her draw live on Twitch: www.twitch.tv/tastypeachstudios

Meet The Staff

Anthony Sparks
General Manager / Wholesale Director
South Bend, IN

He's been with Tasty Peach so many years he's almost out of fingers, since 2012. He has been to all but 4 states; Alaska, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Anthony enjoys exploring new cities and nature, visiting zoos, aquariums and theme parks, watching horror films, playing Sims for way too long (no he doesn’t take the ceiling off and make burning vampire prisons, of course not) and all sorts of art forms in his spare time.

His art handle is Versaious on various social media. Anthony and his partner Jack have 6 fur children, 3 cats and 3 dogs. The cats are Charles Alexander, Evelyn Grace, and Tuxy Cat. The dogs are Dante, Gus and Rufio. His favorite places to be are the beach, the desert, the mountains, parks and cities. That sounds like every kind of place; but in this job that could literally be one week of exploring.

Jack Fixter

Convention Manager / Charity Coordinator
South Bend, IN

Jack has been with Tasty Peach since 2017, when she relocated here from Illinois. She loves travel and has become addicted to the food in the Southwest US. Her last state to knock off the list is Alaska, so hopefully one of these days she gets to go… Gus, her service dog, often travels with her and loves seeing his customers at the booth! Besides Gus, Jack and her partner, Anthony, have 5 other furbabies. The dogs are: Rufio the retriever mix, also known as her ‘big dumb doof,’ Dante, the blue heeler mix is known locally as the ‘fat bouncy sausage,’ and Gus is… a mix? Something between a cairn terrier and a mongoose. Tuxy cat is her inky blob of a kitty, who’s been with her since high school and is now her oldest pet.

Charles is the clown of the house, who thinks he should be listed with the dogs, rather than the cats. Evelyn, or Eevee, is the baby calico, and yes, she KNOWS she’s the baby. Jack dedicates a lot of her time to charity work, volunteering with Matsuricon Charity as Department Head, and raising money for cancer research. She also volunteers with Colorado Anime Fest as Charity Department Head, raising money for charities local to the Denver area. In her spare time she likes to work with her hands, sewing, crochet, and occasional woodworking. It’s been a while since she’s done a large project, but lately she’s been keeping busy making masks and candles.

Kianna Collins
Public Relations & Social Media
Mishawaka, IN

Kianna Collins is a two-year employee of Tasty Peach Studios, who moved all the way from Florida for the opportunity. She completed a Bachelor’s in Print Journalism and minored in public relations at Troy University before deciding to pick up roots and give convention sales a shot. One of her favorite places she’s traveled in her two years is New Orleans, and she always threatens to just stay every time she gets sent there. In her spare time, she plays Final Fantasy XIV Online, where she has a bit of an obsession with endgame raiding with her friends and she also streams on Twitch! Kianna is also our public relations and social media manager, and she’s very happy to be able to talk to you!

♥ Watch her stream on Twitch: www.twitch.tv/kagipro

Dylan Hall

Logistics Manager / Assistant Wholesale Director 
Former Texan, currently in South Bent, IN

Dylan has been with Tasty Peach since 2018, when he migrated from Texas. While Texas will always be his true home, his desire to travel and see the world led him to taking a position with Tasty Peach. He has currently been to 32 states, Mexico a number of times, Thailand, Hong Kong, and South Korea. He is currently learning Japanese with hopes of next visiting Japan. When asked why he loves to travel, he had a lot to say:

"Growing up" Dylan said, " I was surrounded by people who felt very satisfied with where they were in life, both geographically and otherwise. For some reason, even from a young age I had always felt something was... off about that; like it wasn't for me. One day during a summer camp at which I volunteered, I began talking with a friend from South Korea about life there. The conversation only lasted but maybe 10 minutes, but it resolved that feeling of stagnation I had always felt. I didn't have to stay in one place, do the same thing every day, and live my life in the same small city. After that, I began looking into ways to travel and see the world. I saved up money, went to college and got an International Business degree, and set myself up so I can live my life as freely as I can." He ended with a summary of his feelings of traveling. He said "For me, [traveling] is the best thing in life. Meeting new people, seeing new places, admiring the beauty of the world, both man-made and natural.. it is absolutely amazing and I wouldn't want to live any other way."