Grumpy sheep
udon kitten
zombie alpaca
Name:Meowchi - Sweet Mochi Kittens
Birthday:March 12th
Tagline:“Mew mew mew mew!”
Fave Color:Rainbow!! (They could not decide.)
Backstory:Sweet kittens that are always mistaken for mochi. They love sweet treats, head pats, and not being bitten into!
Name:Nomwhal - Sweet Ice Cream Narwhals
Birthday:July 10th
Tagline:“We’re always ready to lend a flipper!”
Fave Color:Sky Blue
Backstory:Big, snuggly, happy, helpful, what more can you ask for from these sugary sweet cetaceans? Pet them on the head, or rub their bellies, or bring them some star fruit to eat, and they’ll love you forever!
Name:Chirii Bunny - Super Cute Angel Bunny
Birthday:June 3rd
Tagline:“Hey honeybun!”
Fave Color:Yellow
Backstory:She is the artist for Peach Village. The only thing she loves more than art is donuts! She likes to visit Aoikuma in the clouds. Her favorite pastime is teasing (lovingly) Grumpy Sheep!
Name:Grumpy Sheep - A Little Tuft of Fluff with Attitude
Birthday:April 1st
Fave Color:Cerulean Blue
Backstory:You can find him playing video games, when he isn’t keeping Chirii from eating all her donuts or chasing Inukii out of the flower beds. He is quiet and prefers to be by himself...unless it’s Chirii of course!

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Name:Aoikuma the Wishing Constellation Bear
Birthday:February 19th
Tagline:“I caught you this star, do you like it?”
Fave Color:Navy
Backstory:Aoikuma was born in the night sky, and used to fall asleep to the stars singing lullabies to him. His only wish is to grant you yours! Make a wish with Aoikuma and it might come true.

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Name:Inukii - Playful Shiba Inu
Birthday:September 22nd
Tagline:“Gonna rip it up!”
Fave Color:Teal/Mint
Backstory:His favorite accessory is a neckerchief in teal! He has a bright yellow duck plush that he rips and has to have help from Chirii Bunny sewing it back together. He also likes to take naps in the un-mown grass.

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Name:Udon Kitten - Ramen Noodle Loving Cat
Birthday:December 27th
Fave Color:Turquoise
Backstory:The host at the local noodle shop, he will greet you with warm sake and a steaming bowl of yummy ramen! You hear that he might have a relative coming to stay with him soon… but who could it be?

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Name:Zombie Alpaca - The Alpacalypse is here!
Fave Color:Golden Wheat
Backstory:His vision is based on movement. And grains. Don’t share oatmeal with him, he’ll never leave you alone. Has a soft spot for Kyandi.

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Name:Kyandi - The Cotton Candy Llama
Birthday:July 5th
Tagline:“I’m sweet for Zombie Alpaca.”
Fave Color:???
Birthstone:Pale Pink Ruby
Backstory:Not made of actual cotton candy, but her wool is so soft it looks like it. Always ready to help her friends in Peah Village, don’t tell anyone, but she has a crush on Zombie Alpaca.

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Name:Mallow - DinoS’more
Birthday:July 12th
Tagline:“Don’t squish me!”
Fave Color:Mint
Backstory:Lives on DinoS’more island with the rest of the DinoS’mores, she was so excited to meet the residents of Peach Village and Kawaii Island. Very nervous about getting stepped on (EMBER!!).
Name:Cocoa - DinoS’more
Birthday:November 19th
Tagline:“Mmmmmm this grass tastes like candy.”
Fave Color:Citrine
Backstory:If Cocoa were a piece of clothing, she would be a black leather moto jacket. One tough little cocoanut.
Name:Graham - DinoS’more
Birthday:January 13th
Tagline:“I am darkness. I am night. I am- Mallow!!! PUT THAT DOWN!”
Fave Color:Red
Backstory:Pretends to be a tough’n’puff cookie, but is a marshmallow on the inside. Just cause this Dino has a gooey center, doesn’t mean he’s toast though! He’ll look out for his siblings and keep them out of trouble, or else!
Name:Ember - DinoS’more
Birthday:September 10th
Tagline:“Oh, oh, I’m so sorry!”
Fave Color:Lilac
Birthstone:Purple Sapphire
Backstory:Always anxious about stepping on toes. Literally stepping on toes.
Name:Adzuki - The Redbean Red Panda
Birthday:November 28th
Tagline:“Anything’s a party, as long as you have treats to eat!”
Fave Color:The crispy gold of fresh-baked bread.
Backstory:You can always find Adzuki tending to her bubble tea shop, or snacking on redbean treats! She’d love to serve you your favorite bubble tea cafe, so stop on by and say hi!

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Name:Nocturi - The Dragon Fruit Bat
Birthday:September 19th
Tagline:“I brought some fruit to the poetry slam!” “Has anyone seen my banana?”
Fave Color:Lavender
Backstory:Fun pranks and silly jokes are Nocturi’s favorite way to pass the time! Both dragon, and fruit bat, so naturally she hoards fruit!
Name:Kekitsu - The Cake Fennec Fox
Birthday:March 9th
Tagline:“My beauty secret is whipped cream at night.”
Fave Color:Pink
Backstory:Tiramisu based cakeyfox. Responsible older sibling. Sweet, but stern.

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Name:Berri-Kei - The Sassy Urocyon Cake Fox
Birthday:March 9th
Tagline:“I just need to sleep for five more minutes...”
Fave Color:Mint
Backstory:Youngest of the triplets. Thinks your lap is a good place for a nap! Make sure to keep fresh raspberries in the fridge for her.

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Name:Marble - The Mischievous Marble Cake Fox
Birthday:March 9th
Tagline:“I know a guy.”
Fave Color:Chocolate brown
Backstory:Middle child monster. Beauty school drop-out. Has a soft squishy side that he’s shy about.

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Name:Tofusagi - Sweet and Soft Tofu Bunnies
Birthday:June 23rd
Tagline:“Love everything you see, especially yourself.”
Fave Color:Hibiscus Pink
Backstory:The Tofusagi are happy bunnies, squishy and cuddly! You can visit them on Kawaii Island and see their little homes.

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Name:Hanaki - Adorable Rainbow Raccoon
Birthday:February 24th
Tagline:“It’s not a mistake, it’s an opportunity!”
Fave Color:Rainbow!! (They REALLY couldn’t pick!)
Backstory:This cheerful little opportunist is always on the lookout for cookies to steal, or donuts to thieve, or new seeds for their garden shop! Hanaki loves flowers so much, they sleep in the meadows. They used to be white, but surrounded by flowers, they couldn’t help but turn into all the colors of the rainbow.

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