About Us

About Tasty Peach Studios

Tasty Peach Studios, located in Mishawaka IN, is a sweet, unique boutique that sells cute merchandise inspired by Japan! We started out selling small hand made clay charms and commissioned artwork through our little Etsy shop in 2007. Since then we have grown exponentially! We now attend upwards of 30+ anime conventions a year & ship high quality acrylic items, professionally made products and more world wide every day!
Although we are only two people fast, we work day in and out to bring everyone the best we have to offer! What you can expect from us is quality and durability. As a leading distributor of cute products, we take pride in what we have to offer, and hope that you feel the same love we do for these cute items.
If you have any questions please see our Help page or the Contact Us page.

About the Artist

Ryan Zanfei, also known as Mooglegurl , is the head artist of Tasty Peach Studios. She is a full time artist who loves to draw cute and cuddly things! You can visit her portfolio and deviantart pages below!


• http://tastypeachstudios.daportfolio.com/