• Bumblebee Meowchi ARE live! Grab yours quick, as we anticipate a full sell out of these within the first 24-48 hour period. We are also releasing our two newest shirts for pre-order so you can order them all together if you'd like! Both new shirts come on American Apparel tees and are $20, Bumble... View Post
  • That's right Meowchi lovers! Word's been buzzing about for this new little cutie and we will bee expecting them to land in for preorder soon! What's the theme? Why Bumblebee of course <3! As usual these will be very limited and you can get information on the release date and time by joining ou... View Post
  • That's right! The Candy Corn, Vampire bat, and Reindeer Meowchi will be available this weekend! Date and time will be announced the day before, however mailing list members will receive an email this evening ( Feb. 18th 2015 ). These are the variant amounts that were held during each event, and a... View Post