Hello Peaches!


Tasty Peach Studios suffered a massive blow this last week when our van and all merchandise inside of it was stolen in Orlando, FL.


We're asking all fans to take the time to consider donating to our cause to help us keep our doors open and to continue to get to cons to bring you the products you love.

We're in desperate need of help.
So please read about it here if you can spare 5 minutes for us.

Due to overwhelming positive support, we will be placing original
Black Vampire Bat and original Candy Corn Meowchi up for a special -2- week
period starting on Friday August 5th through Sunday August 17th.

White Tiger Meowchi will be moved up a few days to the 5th as well, so we
can release them all together since many were frustrated with its limited
availability. We will make multiple announcements to catch people up.

Thank you all so much for reading.