Store Tour! Store Tour!

To start, I'd like you ALL to know, that the busy peaches of Tasty Peach are going to all be gone from today until the 22nd! No packages will be sent out, and we'll most likely be really slow to respond to your emails! Sorry in advance if this is of any inconvenience to you, but unfortunately we just can't accommodate for anyone to be in our warehouse at the moment! I mean, I guess we can try asking the guy who does our renovations next time...but I don't think he'd like that.

Moving on, today I decided to show everyone the actual Tasty Peach Storefront! I'm sure you all have seen our photos from the past, but in the past year, we've made it look even BETTER and have even MORE plans. Yes, that's right. Even better.





Looks pretty cozy, right? There's tons of manga for you to read and chill out with, or just come and hang out with your friends. We have plenty of space for you to come and play games, and we really created this space for people to come together. Spaces like this are invaluable when you're young so you can explore your interests with other like-minded people...or if you just want to enjoy what Tasty Peach Studios has to offer.

Anywhozits, if anyone's at MTAC, COAF, Sakuracon, Anime Boston or SLCFX this weekend, please come visit the booth. We'd love to meet you as long as we're not too busy!