Inukii Product of the Month - April

As April rolls around, we are starting our new series of products of the month! Inukii is our top dog this month with his adorable charm and super squishy softness!! But sometimes, you have to did he get here? Why is he here?!! HOW IS HE SO CUTE?!?!?

Well, years ago, Ryan, our lead artist wanted to create a character based on a Shiba Inu, because that's the breed of dog she wanted to have. Due to the nature of her and her husband's job, they wouldn't be able to own a dog for a very long time, so, of course it's time to create the next best thing. Eventually, she ended up getting Samoyeds, but Shiba Inus are still close to her heart!

The name Inukii is derived from the Japanese word for dog, 'inu,' and the sound a puppy makes when it barks, 'kii!' Inukii still uses barks and growls to talk, but don't worry, we have an official translator. 

It took around six to seven months to design Inukii--from concept to plush. It was a long and rough road, but Ryan learned a LOT and it's made her into the super plush woman you see today! 

Look at the first boy! So young! So free! So precious~

They decided to redesign Inukii because he had actually been out of stock for two years, and Ryan decided it was time for an upgrade! She added details to his paws and face, and those are her favorite parts! I, myself love peets as much as the next person, and can agree with that assessment.

But enough talking ABOUT Inukii, let's talk TO Inukii. (Please note: we did have to bribe him with a particularly large steak to get him to sit down and talk to us for a few minutes. That does not impact the integrity of this interview.)

Q: What is your favorite food?

A: Burgers...BURGERS! No veggies with extra extra meat! *drool*

Q: How do you spend a typical day?

A: I spend most of my time poking around the house looking for adventures...but sometimes I get stuck and have to cry for help! That's okay though! I also like looking out the windows at birds, squirrels...wait. WAIT. IS THAT THE MAILMAN?!?!

Q: Who's your best friend?

A: Everyone's my best friend!

Q: Do you have a favorite television show or anime?

A: Spice and Wolf! I have a small crush on Holo...she's floof...I'm floof...a match made in heaven. We also have similar fashion sense!

Q: Do you have a favorite accessory?

A: Yes! I love my neckerchief. It makes me look extra cute. Too cute. INFINICUTE!!!

Q: What's your favorite chew toy?

A: My yellow chick squeaky toy!!! I'm on number five...I just love chewing on them so much...

Q: Naps or walks?

A: That's a toughie...second nap is always better than walkies, because I can nap, do walkies, and then take...ANOTHER NAP.

Q: Truth or dare?

A: DARE!!!

Q: What's your favorite color?

A: Yellow, just like my squeaky duck! I like blue things too, but those ARE the only two colors ever...wait...why are you looking at me like that...what do you mean there's other colors?! 

Q: What do you want to do for your birthday?

A: Nap. Walk. Second nap. THIRD NAP. Pumpkin Spice Latte! BORGAR! So many little time...

And that concludes our interview with the sweet Inukii! He's so wonderful, and now that he's our product of the month, he'll be 10% off. If you want to purchase your own little love bug, you can do so here, and make sure to use the code SPRINGCLEAN to get an additional 15% off.