Introductions, Schmintroductions

Hi everyone! As you noticed, we kicked up our blog posts again, and hopefully we’ll be able to get them out to you once a week! But wait? Who is the mysterious person behind this?


Actually, no, it’s me, Kianna. I’m the current chief of marketing of Tasty Peach Studios, but I also go to cons, so if you see me there, please say hi! I’m also in the Tasty Peach Studios Discord under various iterations of Kagi, which is my character’s name in FFXIV, a popular MMO. I’ll respond to either! Maybe! Depends on the time of day.

(Woah, it's me. Also Maneki is the best.)

I’ve had several years of experience in journalism at my alma mater, Troy University, and I also help write some of the social media posts you see sometimes. I hope you like what you’ve seen so far from me! I might’ve helped make a meme recently…

I really hope everyone enjoys these posts, and I hope you all get to meet various members of the Tasty Peach crew. Ever since I started working here, it’s felt like I’ve been welcomed into a great family. It’s been almost a year of crazy adventures and new learning experiences, and I want to start bringing you guys into that, so you can maybe see a day in the life of Tasty Peach Studios employees. We have multiple, wonderful personalities that are employed here, and our adventures span across the country!

If you have any suggestions for blog posts, or you just want to say hi, you can reach me over at! I hope you have a great day!