A Typical Day...

This post is going to be a bit more text heavy, so I apologize, but this blog’s goal is to give everyone more of an insight as to how we do things! Our warehouse/storefront is a big building, and the storefront’s only a portion of the building! There’s plenty going on behind the scenes, and you might even see me appear...maybe sometimes. We’re hard at work trying to get to cons for you all!

First thing in the morning: coffee. Coffee coffee coffee. We’re all dead without it. For the most part. Don’t judge me for my lifetime Starbucks points, okay?! Some of us have our addictions.

Basically, the warehouse holds all the ploosh, apparel, and accessories. (No, some of us haven’t been able to make a giant plush pile. Sad times.) Maybe soon we’ll be able to show you pictures, but we’re in a big spring cleaning way, trying to make room for stuff and move things around, so I can’t give you a big tour right now! The plush obviously takes up the most room, and then the apparel, etc. finds its way all into one room!

Packing a con can take anywhere from 10-12 hours depending on the size. We go to cons all over the country, and packing plush takes the longest and it takes up the most space in the van. Jackie (more affectionately called Jack), our convention manager makes all of the decisions on how much product we take to each convention based on past sales at conventions and predictions for this year. She also is the lady who comes up with new ideas for booth designs and ways to implement displays, as well as who chooses and goes through Helping Paw applications. She’s basically the bomb.

Some days, and even if we are packing for cons, we have to take care of wholesale shipments! This means inspecting plush for quality, packing the correct quantity, taking care of shipment quotes and shipments. Anthony, our general manager takes care of all of that, and makes sure we stay in line as well. (We behave for the most part!) And while we’re talking about it, if you want to do a wholesale inquiry, please contact him at tastypeachmanagement@gmail.com! We also have a contact form at the bottom of the page! We like new wholesalers, we promise! If you see our stuff at another booth as well, and if they look legit...it most likely is! But if you’re not sure feel free to contact us or talk to us!

We also fulfill our online orders from the storefront as well, and it’s hilarious seeing the mailman arrive to tons of packages. We typically have the same one, so he’s used to the surplus of packages from us by now, but sometimes we get someone different...and well...it’s a bit of an understatement to say that they’re surprised. It’s especially frightening when we’re fulfilling Kickstarter orders.

We also deal with exploding vans. I don’t know how else to extrapolate on that. We run the vans we own into the ground, and then sometimes they explode a little. Just a little.

An existential crisis a day keeps the...uh...yep! We keep up employee morale by limiting the crises to lunch breaks and the designated break area. There’s couches for laying down on and a ceiling to stare at. “Why am I here? Just to suffer?”

That’s really hard to follow up with…


Well, anyways, that about runs the gamut of our warehouse work! It doesn’t seem like a lot now, and I’ll be able to give you guys a tour once we make it all clean and pretty! We do a lot more than it seems, and we love it here! Thanks for reading!