Vampire Bat Meowchi Raffle! Candy Corn Meowchi Raffle! Reindeer Meowchi Raffle! How do you enter? See below for more details!



Spend $20 in our store from now until January 31st to be entered!. The email address on file with your order will be placed into a raffle pool. You will get one entry for spending $20, and one additional entry for each additional $10 you spend! Spend $20, that's one entry. Spend $30, that's two entries!

On February 1st we will take all of the raffle entries and we will select -3- winners! The first place winner will be able to choose from a Vampire Bat Meowchi, Candy Corn Meowchi, or Reindeer Meowchi. The 2nd place winner will then be able to choose between the two that the first place winner did not choose. And the 3rd place winner will receive the remaining limited edition Meowchi not selected by the 1st or 2nd place winner!

Best of luck everyone!