White Tiger Meowchi Pre-orders Live!

Missed out on the 2016 Colossalcon White Tiger Meowchi? Now you can nab one of the cutest kittens around for limited time! This is the final pre-order set for White Tiger, and will be retired once it's over Feb. 6th 2017! Don't wait too long to bring this tiger home with you!

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Order Dates to Receive Your Order before the Holidays!

Shipping dates are a bit sooner this holiday season! Please note the following dates that you need to ORDER by for them to be shipped to you on time!

Domestic USPS 1st Class - Dec. 15th
USPS Priority - Dec. 15th

International - Dec 5th

Please note! After these dates we CAN NOT promise you'll get your items before the holidays!

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Snow Angel Meowchi is LIVE!

Thans right! Snow Angel Meowchi is here! Don't miss out on this very limited edition plush! This item ships immediately! This is not a pre-order! All US orders before Dec.15th are sure to arrive for the Holidays!

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Halloween 2016 Meowchi are LIVE!

What's this? What's this? There's Meowchi everywhere! What's this? There's kittens in the air. What's this? I can't believe my eyes, I must be dreaming! Wake up Peaches, this ain't fair, what's this?

That's right! Halloween Meowchi are here! Pumpkin and Zombie are ready to come home with you!

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Giant Unicorn & Sakura Meowchi Kickstarter!

We are so excited to announce our first Kickstarter! Giant Meowchi have been an item many of you have asked for, and this is a way for us to get these brought to life! Please note that the Meowchi listed in the store are not sell-able plush! They are just a place holder for those interested to visit our Kickstarter!

To see our Kickstarter please visit our page here!

Every little bit helps with a project like this, so please do consider supporting even if you can't afford the plush right now. Please be aware these will not be available unless we meet our goal.

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Tasty Peach Studios Needs Your Help!

Hello Peaches!


Tasty Peach Studios suffered a massive blow this last week when our van and all merchandise inside of it was stolen in Orlando, FL.


We're asking all fans to take the time to consider donating to our cause to help us keep our doors open and to continue to get to cons to bring you the products you love.

We're in desperate need of help.
So please read about it here if you can spare 5 minutes for us.

Due to overwhelming positive support, we will be placing original
Black Vampire Bat and original Candy Corn Meowchi up for a special -2- week
period starting on Friday August 5th through Sunday August 17th.

White Tiger Meowchi will be moved up a few days to the 5th as well, so we
can release them all together since many were frustrated with its limited
availability. We will make multiple announcements to catch people up.

Thank you all so much for reading.

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New Tees for Summer!

A few new tees have been added to the store for Summer 2016! Rainbow Carousel and Inukii are live for order!

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Bumble Bee Meowchi & Disapproval Meowchi On The Way!

Pre-orders have officially been confirmed to be on their way to our warehouse. We anticipate these to be arriving within 7-10 days and will officially be going out this month! After that the last chance pre-orders will go live for last years Halloween variants (Witch and Demon) and last years winter variant (Candy Cane). We'll keep you posted on their status!

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Shirt Restock on the Way + Hanami Festival Pin!

Many favorite tees and tanks will be restocked in the next 2-3 weeks, along with a few new tops coming for this summer soon after! The 1st quarterly collectible pin is available now for order! Featuring Chirii Bunny and Udon Kitten in their colorful yukata as they watch the cherry blossoms!

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2016 Convention Schedule Updates!

Attending a convention this year? Want to see if Tasty Peach Studios will be vending? Check out our convention schedule tab for more information on our 2016 shows!

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